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March 7th, 2013, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by LuvRBx5 View Post
You'd still be 4 weeks- 3days or 4 weeks-6 days at 17-20 days pregnant and it's probable you'd test positive with a urine test, even without it being first morning urine. It's not impossible that you just aren't testing positive and are very early. You could have ovulated late and either conceived late or your period will come soon according to when you ovulated.

You say that your periods were irregular a couple months ago, it's possible that even if they have regulated some for some months for it to go irregular again.

As for the birth control thing, I hated everyone trying to convince me to take the pill. I took it when I was a teenager, stopped when I was 19 and got pregnant with my first. I tried again after she was born and I felt possessed, my body changed over age and the pregnancy. My dr pushed it a little so I decided to try a low dose, it went well but I got pregnant anyways on my 3rd pack (missed none and taken correctly!!). I tried again when I became single, tried the 3 month straight (Seasonale, I think) and had to go off again, the hormones made me crazy and super depressed.

I'm not saying you're wrong but how could I be at 4 weeks if its only 17 days from when I suspect conception? I figured it to be 2-3 weeks.
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