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March 7th, 2013, 04:21 AM
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I'm glad you are looking into other clinics! Yes, if your DH's urologist hasn't gotten back to you about a simple question, then he doesn't know the answer!

I disagree with that IUI statement, like LucyAnna said, then you'd not need any help! Also, IUI can totally help the sperm, my IUI nurse said what they wash them with takes out the bad sperm and it's like "giving candy to a diabetic" it just ramps the sperm up and they swim better, giving you a better chance.

And I have a friend that had 1 million sperm with an IUI and got pg, so the whole male factor thing is bunk. Sure, the clinic would like that, as an optimal situation, but it's not realistic.

The website you are looking for is here

I'm sorry you are in a funk....btdt...this is all so frustrating. It shouldn't be THIS HARD! ((HUGS)) sweetie...
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