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March 7th, 2013, 07:09 AM
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Where do I being?. My life is not that fun believe me.

Day 1: I was born March 6th, 1983 (yep just had my birthday), in Denver, CO. I have lived here all my life, only time I moved was 2 hours away but I was still in the same state. I was raised with my mom and my step dad, then later on my baby brat sister was born her name is Tabby.
My mom got really sick right after my sister was born and they found breast cancer, she had that one breast removed. Then Feb. 1994, I came home from school with my mom and my grandma at home. They sat me down, to tell me the cancer was back. My mom was given 3 months to live. The next week my mom ended up in the hospital and never came out. She passed away March 1st, 1994, 5 days before before my 11th birthday. This was a major event in my life that really messed with me.

When my mom died, I went to live with my grandparents and my sister moved to Wyoming with my step dad. I was a awful child, I did not listen, I could have cared less about anything and I made my grandparents life living hell.

I was never in trouble with the law, I just did not care about school, I had the wrong group of friends and just in general was a ***** to be around. They did everything in their power to make me change my ways, but I was a broken and bitter person. I decided to transfer to a private highschool, in hopes that I would change my ways. Nope not really, I was still awful in school and still had the wrong friends. I did end up dropping out of school.

My little sister and I were never close growing up. My grandma, had planted a monster in my head about my step dad. It has taken just now to be close to my sister and step dad again. My real dad was no where to be found, but he was a true piece of work also.

My mom and I

Around 2?

around 3.

I have no real pictures of me older...

Sami, married to Joe, mama to Debra (9), Kaydence (7), Nolan (2) and Jarek born 6/26/2013, unassisted at home

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