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March 7th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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So I decided I had to organize my bathroom before my linen closet because I wanted to take all the towels out of the linen closet and store them in our bathrooms. So I cleaned out our cabinet and storage area in the bathroom. And now I am onto my linen closet!

If anyone else has pics share them!!!! Here are mine. I organized..but didn't wipe down everything before taking the pictures of my after. So excuse the mess still!

Under bathroom sink before

888215_10200243665387957_1860167179_o by mom2emall, on Flickr

After...super excited about my peel and stick hooks for the curling irons, blow dryer, etc.

855105_10200243662347881_726428390_o by mom2emall, on Flickr

Tub area before

888262_10200243676108225_61586067_o by mom2emall, on Flickr

Tub area after getting a toy organizer(the monkey) and going through my organizing bins and tossing old stuff and storing the stuff we actually need. Still seems like too much stuff, but its 6 peoples worth of stuff! And whenever I see good sales on stuff we use I stock up! lol

887999_10200243658187777_1706888496_o by mom2emall, on Flickr

Forgot to do a before of this...just misc. stuff piled on the shelves before but this is the after

889033_10200247664927943_23982478_o by mom2emall, on Flickr

And here is my next project! Ugghhh...
Its so unorganized and everyone just gets stuff out of there and shoves stuff in and lets stuff fall. I hate this closet!!

20130306_202806 by mom2emall, on Flickr

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