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March 7th, 2013, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by .Michelle. View Post
I will Kristen, thanks!

Jac- Zane was on SCD last year when I was at my whits end with him not listening in school and at home. His pedi recommended it. That is how I started baking with Almond Flour. I noticed a huge difference within a few days. He was on it strictly for about 6 months, then I started adding little things back in his diet to see how it affected him.
I did SCD for about a month with him and I remember loosing 6 lbs the first week. I think cutting all the gluten out is what caused me to loose weight so fast. I really need to start eating better. I am fine with dinner but it is lunchtime at work that kills me.
that's great that it helped him! my friend started her family on SCD and her son, who was on the spectrum, is like a new kid! he was always angry and affectionate and now he is a happy kid who gives hugs. it also helped clear her other son's eczema.

Originally Posted by kristenpie View Post
i thought gaps was just a temporary cleansing diet? what SCD?

feingold talks about salicylates being culprits, and im pretty sure apples are an issue with W.
SCD is temporary too. you take a ton of foods out of your diet and basically start over from scratch and slowly add back more and more.
Originally Posted by OceanGirl View Post
Jac, do you meal plan or just play it by ear? I would be super curious to see exactly what you eat each day. How much time do you spend cooking each day? I love all of your food ideas and the health benefits but I hate cooking and get overwhelmed by the planning sometimes. Processed food makes me feel so sick though so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I do eat gluten though... Anyways, I'd love it if you posted exactly what you ate or are eating for a couple days. I may try to be a copycat.
i really suck at meal planning. i feel like when i plan a meal i spend way too much money on ingredients. i usually just cook based off of what i have in my kitchen.
i probably spend way too much time cooking, some meals are quicker than others of course. i do a lot of "one pot" meals, and those are usually quick.
i can post what we eat every night if you want. i actually did plan tonight's meal, but that is rare.
tonight we are having vietnamese style pork ribs and spring rolls. spring rolls are one of the only ways i can get Vincent to eat raw vegetables. <---Vincent picked the "happy faces."
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