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March 7th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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My grandpa needs some prayers. He was diagnosed with lung cancer summer of 2011. He was given 16 months which its been more. I've been hoping he'd make it until I have the baby, but its looking like that'd be a miracle! My uncle was up this weekend for my sisters birthday. And he was sick. He was diagnosed Monday with pneumonia and now, my grandpa is in the ICU with pneumonia! Now I'm just hoping he makes it long enough for us to find out baby's gender, so he at least knows he's having a great grandson or great granddaughter! But if this pneumonia gets too bad, I may just have to ask for my mom to pay for an elective scan! We don't have the money for it right now since we just bought a new car. I'm so upset! So mad! I avoided my grandpas house whenever me or the kids had the smallest illness, even if it was just a fever of 99 I avoided going over!

UPDATE: he's on a ventilator. I can visit. But I can't visit because no kids under 12 are allowed in. So my kids can't visit their grandpa, that's octal BS! And I've been feling run down, not sure if its just being pregnant or if I'm getting sick, so its probably best I stay away for now.

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