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March 7th, 2013, 09:14 AM
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He is a big hands on dad at all ages. If tori starts crying and he is closest to her or less occupied then he does not hesitate to go to her. If I am busy he steps up. If I need help with something I hand her off and he does not complain in the least. I don't ever ask for help with nighly feedings during the week due to the fact that he has to get up at 5am for PT. On the weekends he will get right up and help with out a single complaint if I ask. On weekends he will let me sleep in one morning and takes all 4 kids down stairs to make sure its quiet for me. If there is something I want to go out and do on my own he steps up to deal with all 4 kids with out complaints.

An example:
- Saturday I volunteered my time at a local consignment sale (so that I could shop at the presale). I was gone for 5 hours.
- Monday night I went out for dinner with the FRG wives and was gone for 3 hours.
- Tuesday night was the presale for the consignement sale. He got home early for me to go and I was gone for 4 hours.
All 3 nights I went and did it all alone with no kids. He did not complain a bit. (Of course its not usual for me to have so much going on.) I rarely get time away from the family. He also got sex two nights in a row for being such a great partner and being there!

He has learned that the more he helps the more energy I have and the more sex we have. His want and desire to help out so much is a total turn on for me. The more he helps out with the kids the more I want him!

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