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March 7th, 2013, 01:33 PM
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What is the last...

movie you watched? In theater- Over 40.... at home-probably a Disney movie with the kids
thing you drank? Crystal Light flavor Cherry Pomegranate
thing you ate? Ham & Provolone cheese on a hard roll w/Kettle chips
time you showered? Last night. It was just a rinser because I didnt want to wash my hair
time you cleaned your bathroom? I picked up all the clothes yesterday, but the vanity, toilet and garden tub needs to be cleaned. My youngest throws everything in the garden tub he can get his hands on...
thing you said out loud? .....dont remember.... something to Ellie Im sure
time you kissed your SO? about 2 hours ago when I was dropping Garrett off with him before I picked Ellie up from school
time you kissed your kid/s?kissed Ellie this morning before she left for school. Kissed Blaine on the head a couple times today because he is sick.. Dont think I've kissed Garrett since bedtime last night.. Oops
website you visited? (not including JM hehe) Colorful Creations - Come Grow With Us!
thing you typed into google? Last night I looked up doing chicken wings in the crock pot...

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