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March 7th, 2013, 03:29 PM
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I had an appt today. I am 14w5d and it was just a monthly check up. I am down one more pound. This is the third different person I have seen. Every time I go in they hassle me about being RH- and tell me how I will get a rhogam shot at 28 weeks. I had to again explain that my SO is also RH- and actually has the same blood type as me so I will decline the shot since our children will also be RH-. This doctor asked me to bring in something that proves my SO's blood type. I wanted to tell her she is nuts. That I am allowed to decline something without having to prove my reasoning, and besides that she is assuming this is his child (which it is). This really bugs me. Im my own advocate, and I can make decisions for myself without having to prove myself. It really makes me nervous for the future and possible VBAC. Everything else was unevenful, which is good. We talked about being sent to a perinatologist for my anatomy scan, which will happen in 2-6 weeks depending on the referral.

I am going out of town on Sunday and will probably be gone a week. I wanted to go for my elective ultrasound at 15 weeks but since Ill be out of time Ill have to wait till the following week.

Ive been doing a ton of research on VBAC's and my OB and the hospital I am supposed to deliver at. Come to find out the hospital I am supposed to deliver at was ranked #3 in California for the MOST c-sections. 30% of all deliveries at that hospital end in c-section. So I am feeling very discouraged. I am not fond of my OB but he is one of two who accepts the insurance I have and delivers at a hospital that allows VBACs. There is one other hospital that is in my area that permits VBAC's however none of the OB's who support VBAC's also accept my insurance.
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