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March 7th, 2013, 04:23 PM
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I feel horrible but honestly I'm too worn out, exhausted, and sore to keep this up. I really really want to breastfeed but today she hasn't let the boob go. She eats for a few minutes and then falls asleep or acts uninterested so I lay her down.. She screams and shows all the signs of wanting more food so I feed her again, but again she only eats for a few minutes and I can't get her to take anymore.. But as soon as I lay her down she screams and screams and all I have been doing ALL day long is feeding her/ hearing her cry. I am going insane. I really am to the point to where I am just wanting to give her a bottle.

I need a break. After two weeks of no more than an hour and a half of sleep at a time and hearing her cry and nursing non stop.. I just need a break.

My husband suggested pumping for her but she eats so often that if I were to pump for her now then in a couple minutes she would want what I just pumped. So it would be pointless. I know I'm not suppose to give her a bottle yet because it can confuse her but seriously.. People keep telling me that this will get better.. But I'm at my point where I need it to be better now.

Sorry for the vent. I guess I'm kind of hoping someone will have a miracle advice or something.
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