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March 7th, 2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by horseradishmayo View Post
tonight we are having vietnamese style pork ribs and spring rolls. spring rolls are one of the only ways i can get Vincent to eat raw vegetables. <---Vincent picked the "happy faces."
Yum! I think my solution is that I just need to fly to your house every night for dinner. Sound good to you? Seriously though, I'd love it if you posted what you ate (that is when you remember of course!) and if there are links to recipes or something, that would be even more awesome.

Kristen, that book looks great too. I love crock pot ideas. Some of the reviews were saying that the recipes still use a lot of processed ingredients though, so I'd be interested to hear your opinion if you buy it.

I have found myself becoming even more sensitive to unhealthy/processed food while pregnant. I crave fresh, yummy ingredients and I can't seem to stomach anything bad for me. So, in a way, this baby is going to force me into perfect eating habits. My two unhealthy weaknesses have been root beer and Costco muffins though, I'll admit. Root beer has been my substitute for caffeine (I know it still has a million chemicals and is horrible for me) and Costco muffins are just a delicious, addicting craving. lol As soon as the muffins run out this time, I'm going to bake some homemade muffins and find a good granola bar recipe though. For lunch and dinner, I have been eating tons of various veggie stir fry's with brown rice or quinoa. Quick and yummy! Nobody else in the family seems to appreciate it though. lol
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