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March 7th, 2013, 05:52 PM
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Do you like playing video games? Occasionally I enjoy them if we are at a friends' house but we don't play them at home

Did you play them growing up? Yep! We had some random super old system when I was little that had Space Invaders. Then we got the original Nintendo when that came out. My sister and I played tons of Mario 1 and 3, Duck Hunt, Tetris, and Paperboy. In high school I had friends that had Nintendo 64 and we used to have tournaments for Mario Kart or Goldeneye.

What is your all time favorite game? Goldeneye for N64 is my absolute favorite. One year for my birthday, DH found an old N64 system on eBay and got it for me so I could play Goldeneye.

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