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March 7th, 2013, 06:16 PM
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What is the last...

movie you watched? The Artist (it was sooooo good)

thing you drank? Sweet tea

thing you ate? A plain cold flour tortilla... my Celiac is going to love me later.

time you showered? Around 10:30 this morning

time you cleaned your bathroom? The last time my daughters boyfriend came over... so, maybe Monday.

thing you said out loud? "Well, my milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard" (so embarrassed I just admitted that)

time you kissed your SO? 15 minutes ago. He was thanking me for dinner.

time you kissed your kid/s? Alex ~ in December... Mac ~ before she went to the dentist... around 430... Logan ~ 5 minutes ago and Piper about 10 minutes ago.

website you visited? (not including JM hehe) FaceCrack

thing you typed into google? I don't google, I ask Siri... and the last thing I asked her is what the weather will be tomorrow.

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