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March 7th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Time for updates
Kaiden will be three years old tomorrow and has grown up so much lately - he is talking in full sentences (though we definitely dont quite understand everything he says quite yet), is totally potty trained, loves Cars and Blues Clues, loves bounces houses, letters, stop signs, counting, and sharing (but only with mommy and daddy - NOT with his sister)...he has become quite a daddy's boy and I think they are best friends He is super shy around strangers, but completely crazy around us...he has started to become a bit more outgoing because his sister is so are a few pics

This is his cheese face

He had his birthday party last saturday:

Maiya is 10 months today, and in the last months has quickly gone from stationary baby to full on almost toddler (she has also grown about 2 inches just in the last month!) - she wasnt able to crawl a month ago, now she crawls, stands up, can stand without holding anything for about 30 seconds, eats everything you put in front of her, and always wants more, and she sleeps so perfectly - 12-13 hours at night, and 2-3 hours during the day...she babbles a lot, and when she wants more food she screams "mah mah mah" which is the funniest thing ever...she LOVES her brother, and he is always saying "no mymy" cause she gets into everything that he is doing...she is so outgoing and waves at everyone which proceeds to melt everyone into a pile of mush in front of her and the neat thing is that it makes him more outgoing (he has started to say hi to people as well) and she is just the most perfect addition to our family!
This is her from yesterday


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