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March 7th, 2013, 10:08 PM
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Well ladies I hope you all get your BFP this cycle lol I personally have no clue where my cycle is . Im normally every 28 or 30 days but have not had a Af since Jan 16 been to dr for test though have not heard back on blood work ,but still BFN last week so yeah. only had a bit of spotting. Wanted to start testing and temping but not sure when to start,well besides when things get here in mail. Either way i told hubby hes mine lol every cple of days to cover ground hopefully. Starting end of this month to beginng of April is when we going to definitely chart everything and try more so, Hopeing against hope it feels like sometimes specially since our lost in Oct> anyways Im starting to ramble so Ill say nite ladies have a blessed month
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