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March 7th, 2013, 11:34 PM
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Well I home-school so between home-schooling 3 kids, taking care of the house along with the 15 month old that's all I get done. The youngest doesn't let me put her down much still. Tomorrow I am going to the public school to fill out papers for my 3 year old to get help with speech. Then at night, hubby and I (and the baby) are going out for our anniversary. Last two times we went out, Lily screamed the whole time if she wasn't being held by our 5 year old so we are bringing her with because that's not fair to Sofia. Sofia turns 6 on Monday so we're celebrating on Saturday. She is super excited to see if anyone notices she got her ears pierced!January 16th, I was burned from a pressure cooker so I'm still healing from that. We're also trying to plan a big birthday party for our 3 year old, a trip to Hawaii and trying to raise money to adopt.
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