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March 8th, 2013, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by MamaSkunk View Post
Ive liked Channing since he was in the movie the eagle...which is a dude action movie. Which came out before he became in a bunch of chick flicks. I tend to like action movie stars cuz I like real rugged manly men....i dont care if they are muscular or not....although...not gonna complain either!! My own DH looks sorta similar to Johnny Depp and is same build. When i met DH he looked like Johnny Depp but with long hair.

Yea, I've really never see him in anything and I call action movies "bang-bang-pow-pow-man-movies" bc they bore me but DH likes them a lot.

That's funny bc my DH had longer hair as a teen and he has some similarities to JD as well. In the facial structure. But he looks more like Orlando Bloom than Depp.

ETA: Yea, I'm not into the rugged thing or the bearded man either. Reminds me of my dad and that's ewwie... I've always liked the real tall, slender, slightly psychotic looking men. Also, nerdy/geeky/goofy. But, I know a majority of women are opposite of me on this.

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