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March 8th, 2013, 06:05 AM
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Id pay under $30 for bedding.
Id pay about the same for decor but Id probably get crafty for that and do it all myself.
Not sure on going rates for paint but Id keep it under that same price too if possible.
Id go to secondhand stores for furniture first and then probably Walmart or the like for it if the secondhand stores had nothing.

I have to stay tight with anything I do and I also see no need to go all out and spendy on items that will probably change in 5 yrs or less or that will get ruined somehow in that same time period.

I live in an apartment so I cant paint or put up much but thats what Id keep my spending at if it were doable. And the prices I mentioned would be per child and I have 3 so its still under $100 each.

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