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March 8th, 2013, 07:11 AM
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Dd1 is a horrible sleeper. To this day she'll wake up at night and I have to be strict and stern and tell her to go back to sleep no other words are exchanged unless she needs water. When she was a newborn I would talk to her, read her a book, sing her songs, well I quickly learned that when boredom sets in they fall asleep. So I laid in the dark till she fell asleep. It took patience and time, mainly because she's a night owl like she was in the womb.
The best advice I was given at the hospital with dd1 was, mommy sleeps when baby sleeps. It's easier if you co sleep because you can bf and then just sleep. If I hadn't slept after giving birth I would have gone completely batty with my PPD.
Have you also tried swaddling her?
I'm glad you decided to keep bfing. The first two weeks are the most challenging.
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