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March 8th, 2013, 07:50 AM
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Believe me, i totally get that it's just plain ignorance and I know they are out there in the MILLIONS - I've said before I have a "friend" I refuse to talk to about this because I know her answer will always be to "just relax and quit wanting it so badly"...but it's more to hear it on a radio station and know that THAT is the message that others are receiving???!!!!!!

And as far as "God's plan" which I do believe in God and I believe he has one...but for me - like Rochelle said about - I believe God's plan for ME is to meet my incredible Doctor who WILL get me pregnant and God GAVE my doctor the gift to KNOW how to perform IVF! Yes it sucks that I'm we are dealing with infertility - but I believe I am infertile so that I can learn how to help others - and in that way, I have to go through a Doctor who, again, God gave the GIFTS to to GET me pregnant!

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