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March 8th, 2013, 09:34 AM
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Im more traditional with a few AP things. The traditional because my biggest influences on me were my grandparents who were very very loving just knew not to act up or grandma would chastise you to no end. I was spanked as a child and I said I wouldnt spank but DD is a very headstrong child and you can yell and timeout and she will ignore you. So one day when she was pretty much torturing the poor cat dragging it by its tail...pulling fur etc(poor cat was howling in pain and couldnt get away) I just knew...some situations merited a swat (butt where else!) So she got spanked.
Also I am huge on manners with kids as alot dont know anymore how to use them. And I got complimented twice this week alone by strangers saying my DD was the politest child they have seen in awhile.....I was insanely proud of her and myself. For her pleases/thank yous/your welcomes/excuses mes.
I just kind of discovered there are a few things I am fairly AP about after she was born...we bedshared til 6 months. And DD still lays down with me at naptime(Its our snuggle time and she naps and often I relax or nap too...and hey I am taking advantage of the snuggle time before I cant anymore) I have also never let her cry it out. As usually she just needs reassurance
Cant say I do other crunchy things as some moms do but I totally respect there decision and right to do so. But I do feel that DD isnt suffering for my choice to be more traditional. She and I are very close. And shes a great kid.

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