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March 8th, 2013, 10:13 AM
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I echo the paci comments -- some babies just need to suck, especially if she was a thumb-sucker inside. It can take them a while to redevelop enough coordination to find their thumb again in the outside world.

I also wanted to say that she may be crying a lot because she gets overstimulated and just needs a longer nap. My first baby, a girl, was this way. We learned that if she got worked up the only solution was to put her in her bed and let her cry. She would scream for a while and then go to sleep and sleep really well. But if I tried to comfort her absolutely nothing would work. Or if it did then she would only sleep for 20 minutes or so. Fr whatever reason she just really needed to cry-- it was like her method of de-stressing from stimulation. She turned into a really easy kid and a great sleeper once we figured this out. Anyway, it's never fun to listen to a baby cry, but some babies just need to. Since my first none of my babies have been like that. Now she's not high maitenance, but she's the kind of girl who's always got projects going and go go go all day. And if she gets over tired she still has a really hard time .
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