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March 8th, 2013, 10:43 AM
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We co-slept for 18 months. He started in a pack n play in our room, but when he was about 6 weeks old we had a super frigid cold spell and couldn't get the house warm enough, so we put him in bed with us to make sure he stayed warm. We all slept so much better that we kept it up until it no longer worked for mom. He still tries to sleep straddling my chest like a newborn.

Food - we did BLW. He was ready for solids fairly early. He lost his tongue reflex early and sat unassisted well before 6 months, so around 6 months he started on soft table food - mostly what we ate. He didn't like purees, so that was pointless.

discipline - we do positive re-direction when possible. We save spanking for extreme situations that need to get his attention quickly (stepping into the street, pulling up on the oven door etc). We also give him 2 chances to follow directions before we take action. (If he throws a toy, we ask him 2x to pick it up, then we take his hand and physically pick it up. Then he loses the toy)

Sleep - we did not do CIO. At 18 months we transitioned into his room with us sitting on the floor at night until we went to sleep. It took until past 2 yr. old to convince DH to not go in there when he wakes in the middle of the night. He mostly sleeps through the night now. He often wakes around 5 and comes and gets in bed with us until 7ish.

I exclusively breastfed for 6 months, until solids were introduced and continued nursing until 10 months - I weaned him then because I was traveling a lot for work and didn't have the stash to maintain while gone (piggy still drank 34-36 oz of milk on top of solids). The stress of having to pump and store and have enough breast milk was doing me in, so we switched to formula for about 6 weeks.
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