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March 8th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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I also dont spank DD except for extreme situations. And it does work for her. Most of the time its like Kat said...when shes doing something that could seriously injure herself. (Or if shes being mean to the pets and i dont want them to snap out at her cuz shes being naughty to them)

I have noticed alot of people seem to think if you spank your child that your spanking them ALL the time...which is completely not the case. And I feel the need to dispel people from that notion. I grew up in a home that spanked and was seriously only spanked like maybe ten times and they were for serious serious offenses(extreme situations). And DD has only been swatted twice...once for literally beating on the cat...once for running out into the street almost in front of a car coming down our street. And i had been yelling at her to stop each time and I was ignored.

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