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March 8th, 2013, 11:00 AM
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I have spent probably about $150 per kid redoing my kids rooms, but I made sure that what I was putting in there was not something they were not going to hate in a year or two. We did them all a few years ago and don't plan on redoing them again. Their rooms aren't really a theme, they are more patterns/colors they like. So they won't become too babyish.

I got the bedding stuff for my boys at Marshalls and it was a great deal. I also got some good deals on knick knacks and decorations at Home Goods and thrift stores.

For my daughters room we redid it around her birthday and when family asked what she wanted she told them she was redoing her room and she went online and found decorations she wanted that would match and e-mailed the links to everyone. It worked out great!

My sister(who is very crafty) bought some stuff at Michaels crafts and made wooden letters and a jewelry box and painted them to match the pattern in my daughters room and gave them to her for her birthday.

When I set up my youngest ones nursery I went with a children's book theme...I figure he will be about 2nd grade or so before he decides its too babyish. I painted a neutral color and put wall decals up so I can just take those down when he outgrows the theme. The shelves and picture frames I put up are all the same color so I can re-use them with whatever we do to his room in the future. We made the artwork decor. I had two of my kids paint pictures that went along with the book and I put those in the frames. I had my other child, who is great with name art, do a cool design with the baby's name and we put that into another frame.

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