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March 8th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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This is a hard question for me to answer because I think that my parenting child is/will be very child specific.

DD was an absolute disaster as a baby. I did NOT want her in my bed.....but she was....and still is at some point most nights. This was because she screamed all day long and wanted to breastfeed every second of the day so the only way I could get any sleep was to have her in bed with me. Had she not been that way, I doubt I would have wanted her there.

We did not do CIO with DD. Ever. This time i'm going to sleep train and do a modified CIO by 6 months (if I feel he has the temperament for it). But I'm not going to make any grandiose plans and i'll just see how things are going at that point. ETA: I should mention that baby's crib is in our room and will remain there so really the goal is just to have him in his OWN space but still in our room

I was dead set on breastfeeding DD. And we managed for a VERY long time. I plan on weaning by 2 this time. We did BLS (baby led solids with DD) so no spoon feeding. I will do that this time as well. DD never had a bottle (she liked to play with them with water when she was 3 but she's never used one prior to that). I think I may introduce bottles to her brother earlier if its necessary and not be such a nazi about it.

I love babywearing but I live in the city and walk often so it makes the most sense for me. I prefer to have my babies close. I didn't use a stroller with DD until she probably a year old. I'm not opposed to strollers at all I just find it more convenient to babywear

As far as discipline goes I don't believe in spanking and have never spanked DD. Thats just personal preference. I was brought up in a non-spanking household. DH was spanked and doesn't see any harm in it but is on my side for not spanking our kids. If I need to get her attention quickly or remove her from a dangerous situation i'll either raise my voice or physically remove her from that situation. We are strict with time out and she loses privileges or toys for specific behaviours.
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