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March 8th, 2013, 12:47 PM
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I lean towards the AP side of things as well. Like you, I researched a lot, read a lot, and got different views and opinions on it all before Connor came along. I knew I wanted to do more gentle parenting, since I grew up in a screaming, fighting household, I wanted to be quite the opposite. We are still working out some kinks, but we don't spank, we try not to yell, and we try to talk about things and reason things as much as you can with a toddler! We would never even consider CIO, not on our worst days!

I always knew I would BF, and luckily it came very easily for us. We did attempt a bottle after a few weeks, but Connor wanted nothing to do with it. Looking back, I'm glad he didn't because pumping is a PITA! I'm not sure if we will attempt to introduce a bottle this time around or not, I may leave it up to DH.

We did baby led weaning when it came to solids. We started offering bite sized pieces of fruits/veggies around 6m old, but Connor wanted nothing to do with solids 'til he was past a year! It may have had to do with his low muscle tone delays. Originally I had wanted to make my own baby food, but then just ended up doing more BLW style. I'll do the same with the new one as well, a little of both maybe.

We sort of fell into bed sharing. I knew we would co-sleep with a bassinet for the first few months. We were using the top of a pack n play which maxes out weight around 15 lbs IIRC. When that happened, we attempted to put him in his crib, which lasted less than a week! I was EBF'ing and tired and lazy lol and since it did not disturb DH, it was easier to have Connor in the bed with me!

This time around, we may try a little harder at getting her to sleep in her own space, but still in our room. That was the one thing I would have changed slightly with Connor, was to get him used to his own space/mattress/bed in our room. It may have made this transition to a toddler bed a little easier! But I would never have changed the co-sleeping part of it!

The one thing I would change that we did not do with Connor was schedule things more. Because I'm a SAHM, and we didn't do much outside of the house when he was a baby, except a few playdates here and there (more for me!). But we didn't have any scheduled nap (and later, feeding) times. He would nap whenever he fell asleep, in the car, on the floor, in our bed, wherever. It was fine with us in the beginning because we were very go with the flow. And Connor sort of made his own schedule, which changed slightly over time.

But as he got older, it makes things a little more difficult, especially when we try to schedule events and things. Luckily, it hasn't been too hard to get him on a nap and meal schedule as a toddler. I think I lucked out because it could have been a lot worse! lol I think with the new baby, once we're past the newborn stage, I will try to lay her down at the same time every day for naps. I'm sort of jealous of my friend with babies who nap 3-4 hours every day at the same time!

Some other NL/AP things we do is baby wear and cloth diaper, but we also use strollers for big outings (zoo, mall) and I have a backup stash of disposable diapers if I don't do laundry soon enough! lol But seriously have only bought about 5 packs of disposable diapers in 2.5 years!!

I would have totally had a homebirth if I had more support and/or kicked DH to the curb before that! LOL My original "birth plan" with Connor was for a med free/all natural birth. Of course, that ended up in a c/section, why wouldn't it!? So we're trying for a med free/all natural VBAC this time around! And would totally attempt it as a homebirth if not for DH....and the fact I don't have a home now! LOL

DH always calls me a hippie, so maybe I'm more crunchy than I think!?

Oh and we did delayed/selective vax with Connor, and I will do the same with her. I don't mind vax'ing, however, I hate the thought of all those nasty chemicals and stuff going into his little body, and so many at once! So we would spread them out over 2 or 3 months at a time. Instead of 5+ at one visit, we would only do 1 or 2. The only vax I'm truly against is the chicken pox, and I really hope he catches it before I'm forced to vax him for it for school!

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