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March 8th, 2013, 01:04 PM
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Ellie also puts up a little bit of a fight but then settles down, we breastfeed, and then she's out. She does not like pacies at all, so I'm a human pacifier but honestly as long as she's well fed she is ok. Have you tried stripping her down when you bf? I had to do that as well with DD1 and sometimes with Ellie. That was she gets all the milk she needs and then I swaddle her towards the end and let her finish suckling till she falls asleep and by then I can burp her and eventually lay her down.
If your little girl is hungry she'll really let you know. She'll spit out the paci and then have an entire cry fest. You shouldn't feel guilty. If she requires a lot of comfort/suckling then the paci is going to liberate you. I know it did me with DD1. The more you bf the more you learn their patterns and cues.
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