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March 8th, 2013, 07:01 PM
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I don't think I fall into one specific category. I'm a mix of traditional and AP. we started out traditional with Lily, but she was such an easy baby that it just worked with her. She was on a schedule, she slept in her crib great, she liked her stroller, I failed at breastfeeding so she had formula. We never did sleep training or CIO as an infant with her because she was just a good sleeper early on. Once she hit 2 we did some CIO for tantrums. At 5 now she will get the occasional spanking, but it is for bigger offenses. We have always counted to 3, then had timeout before resorting to spanking.

With Abri, she was just different from the beginning. Her reflux threw us for a loop so we had to change everything we did with Lily so we ended up more AP. She didn't sleep at night and nursed all night long so we decided to bed share until she was 14 months. Sitting in her infant carrier made her reflux worse and she hated the stroller, so I did babywearing. I didn't even bother with CIO or sleep training because she would scream all day and all night if you let her. She flat out refused bottles and hated solids until closer to 9 months. Plus having reflux made me choose breastfeeding over formula for sure (breast milk is easier to digest and is soothing on a burning throat). I did cloth diapers because it is cheaper and we were broke. Now that she is older, we still stick with mostly counting and timeouts for punishment. She listens well and rarely even gets to the time out stage. Again spanking is reserved for serious offenses and she really hasn't done anything much to warrant one.

I will EBF and use cloth diapers for Henry for sure. I would like to start him out in the crib and see how it goes. I don't mind bedsharing but I will admit that I slept poorly for over a year. I kind of want to avoid that. I really hope he won't be as high maintenance as Abri was, but at least now I know how to trust my instincts and adapt to fit the needs of my baby.

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