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March 8th, 2013, 07:32 PM
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I'm a bit of both but since having Kiefer, I've started drifting more towards the AP side of things. With Jaleigh, I was young and just didn't know a lot of other options other than how I was raised. She turned out to be an extremely easy baby so I started becoming more crunchy. I breastfed her so she was in my room for convenience at first. Early on, there were many nights I would fall asleep feeding her so she would end up in my bed for half the night. I was shocked that it didn't bother me. I was actually sad when at 3 months old she started sleeping all night long in her own bed. I missed the cuddles and I think this effected my decision to let Kiefer bed share with us for so long. I did not do any baby wearing with her but I started with Kiefer because it was easier to do things with Jaleigh and Kiefer wanted to be held constantly. I absolutely do not do any CIO and never will. Even if I wanted to try it, DF wouldn't allow it. It's just not for us. Jaleigh never needed it and Kiefer would have cried all day and night if we let him.

With this baby I plan to BF, baby wear, room in and bed share (if that is what works for everyone), make my own baby food, no CIO, spankings only in serious situations, extended rear facing and then extended harness wearing just like my other kids. Even though I have all this in mind, I am open to anything because I know all babies are so different (my two are proof of that).

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