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March 8th, 2013, 07:36 PM
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I'm very very AP, but I adjust to each of my children. Those that know me, I'm very passionate about things and tend to speak my mind about them.

co-sleeping... yep yep yep We have slept with all our children and we still co sleep with Nolan, and we will with Henry. I'm in no hurry to move Nolan out of our room.

cloth diaper- all my kids have been cloth diapered at some point. I love them, they have saved us tons of money, they are great for the environment.

Feeding- With Debbie, I failed at nursing. So she was on formula from 6 weeks on. Kaytie was nursed for 10 months, Nolan is still nursing and Henry will also nurse. We practice BLW, with self weaning. Nolan did not start solids tell almost 11 months old and it food off of our plate.

Baby wearing- I'm a huge baby wearer, I always have been. I do it for convince wise. I'm very said I can not wear Nolan right now.

discipline- This is where, we change it up for each child. Debbie and Nolan are the easiest kids ever. Tell them no and they stop, and move on to something else. Kaytie on the other hand is a hard headed baby and still is. She has been spanking, for issues but they are BIG issues.

Our boys will stay intact, we do not do vaxs, we will be having a unassisted home birth and we practice ERF in carseats.

So we are pretty AP.

Sami, married to Joe, mama to Debra (9), Kaydence (7), Nolan (2) and Jarek born 6/26/2013, unassisted at home

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