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March 8th, 2013, 10:18 PM
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Sassysami- I'm stealing your template

I lean towards AP but we have some "traditional"? aspects thrown in as we are pretty old fashioned.

bedsharing... with all three and will definitely be doing it again. It's just what works for us and I love how I can sleep so peacefully knowing baby is right next to me. I get anxiety when baby is in another room even now still with DD2 who bedshares with DD1 now, I sleep slightly more soundly on the nights she climbs into bed with me. We follow all the bedsharing rules so not to worry

cloth diaper- "all my kids have been cloth diapered at some point. I love them, they have saved us tons of money, they are great for the environment." <---stealing from Sami again. Except I fall off the horse constantly for one reason or another. I plan to do better with this one.

Feeding- Nursed DD1 for 17 mos, DS for 24 mos and DD2 for 20 mos. Gave them some cereal and babyfood but not for long before we did the BLW and made some of our own purees for them. We are very passionate about natural foods in this house and rarely keep prepackaged things around.

Baby wearing- I love the idea of baby wearing and every time I've tried I can't get the hang of it and quit. That being said, I always start each new baby trying again so I will be trying harder this time.

discipline- We spank when it's warranted. Not everyday, not every week, maybe not even every month but if they do something dangerous, yes and when it's extreme disrespect towards others, yes. Usually a stern voice or a sit down talk is all that's needed for most behavioral things that arise.

"Our boys will stay intact, we do not do vaxs" <-- more stolen from Sami.

I strongly support and agree with natural childbirth but it's no longer something that is right for me so I have to be a cheerleader for y'all but if things were ideal for me, I'd be homebirthing instead of getting the ole' surgery. C'est La vie!
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