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March 8th, 2013, 10:42 PM
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I promised ya'll days ago that I would post my recipe to make homemade chicken egg rolls and I am finally getting around to doing it tonight before going to bed.

The ingredients you will need plus whatever protein you want. I usually just use chicken but my mom sometimes subs in shrimp. Bag of coleslaw mix, celery, onion, soy sauce, and chicken broth. I also forgot to put a package of egg roll wrappers in this pic because they were keeping cool in the fridge until I need them.

I throw the several stalks of celery and half of a sweet onion in my food processor until it looks like mush.

I then add the celery/onion mush to a pot and add the bag of coleslaw to it too. I then add the can of chicken broth and some soy sauce until it is brown.

Once the veggies are all cooked down and soft (anywhere from 30-45min on medium heat stirring constantly) it should look kinda like this:

Now I put a small bowl in my sink and strain the veggies. The bowl should catch all or most of the veggie juice. I use the veggie juice to seal the egg rolls. You have to strain the veggies, if they are too wet then the egg roll wrappers will fall apart.

Veggie/Soy Sauce Juice:

Veggies hanging out in the strainer:

The egg roll wrappers you will need for the job.

Open the package and remove one egg roll wrapper.

Then you turn it and add small amt of veggies to the middle.

Once the veggies are in place, add your protein of choice. In this instance it is chicken.

Then you fold the bottom of the egg roll wrapper up. You can use the directions they show you on the package of your egg roll wrappers.

Next you dip your finger in the veggie/soy sauce juice:

Use that finger to coat the edges of the sides of the egg roll wrapper.

Once that side edge is coated, fold it over.

Once that side edge is coated and folded over. Coat the other side edge and also fold it over too.

Then begin to roll the egg roll up. Once you are getting close to the end/edge coat it with the veggie/soy sauce juice.

Once all closed and sealed up, plop it into some preheated vegetable oil. My mom does this on the stove top. I cheat and use my fry daddy. Since I have given up eating fried food, this gives me an excuse to use it

Once it has cooked to a golden brown on all sides, it is done and ready to be removed from the oil. Before I remove it from the oil, I place several sheets of paper towels on a plate and then place the egg roll on top of that. This way there is something to soak of up the extra oil/grease from the egg roll.

The I usually serve this with rice (white or brown) or noodles (the Knorr Asian sides or the fried rice from Rice A Roni). As for a dipping sauce I usually use La Choy Sweet and Sour Sauce and mix that with a little French's yellow mustard. I like this combo and so does DH because you get the sweet and salty at the same time. I hope ya'll try this out soon. It sounds like a lot to do but it really isn't all that bad to do and or make.

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