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March 8th, 2013, 10:51 PM
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Bedsharing--We don't like to do this... Gabe has ended up in our bed lately alot but it is already driving me crazy and I can't wait to get him transferred back into his bed. It is more about my comfort (that sounds selfish) but I just can't get comfortable with them wriggling about! JMO though!

Cloth Diapering--I had no knowledge on this subject prior to joining JM. So my previous children were in disposables.. that being said, I am sold on the idea and have set myself up to CD this baby!

Breastfeeding--Because of medical problems, the medications I am on are not safe for breastfeeding so my children have been formula fed. I am a big supporter of breastfeeding though and I would if I could.

CIO--we did do this from about 9 months on...

Babywearing--is hard for me because of strength problems from MS. But I am going to try and do a little more of this with this baby. My previous children were easy babies and I was able to set them down but I would like to try babywearing just to feel close to this little guy!

Discipline--It depends on the child. Jocelyn responded very well to traditional parenting techniques. Gabriel has needed a different approach. Spanking doesn't work for Gabe, he just laughs so we avoid that. I don't know much about AP but I am learning more and it seems to be more effective for Gabe. We will just wait and see what this little guy responds to best and go from there.
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