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March 8th, 2013, 11:53 PM
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I didn't end up going to the appointment. We recently had to deal with an over 2 grand mechanic bill (and that was the cheapest possible place through the base I'm stationed at) and I had to tell the midwife it wouldn't be wise for us financially to take another $4,000 medical bill on top of the bill and car payments. That's alright though. I'd love to do a homebirth some day, but maybe it's better in a way to have my first birth in a hospital, just in case my body reacts in some weird way to birth. I know my mom said all her babies were pretty late (a week to two weeks) because she didn't dilate properly, even in labor and had to be induced. I'm hoping to avoid a "you're taking too long to have this thing" c-section or any drugs for that matter, but it could be for the best in the end. Especially since this way it's totally covered under our insurance, whereas the midwife was not.

How about you? Any appointments lately? Feeling any movement yet?

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