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March 9th, 2013, 08:16 AM
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Politicians would get paid minimum wage.
We'd dissolve all debts and start over as best we can with bartering being the main tool for getting things and giving things.
Health care free and the more natural approach wouldnt be regarded as unsafe or horrid or anything more FDA!!!!! Doctors and Pharmacy folk would get a minimum wage too. No bloating nothing!
Borders would be closed for a while til we could straighten our own youknowwhat out then we'll open up again.
States and people would control things more than gov't dudes.
You wanna believe in God or whatnot...awesome, if you dont...awesome. To each their own and if you start crap...jail.
I wouldnt put up with too much LOL, respect will be the main law of the land and that goes for plants and trees and other things too not just humans. We need to relearn that concept.

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