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March 9th, 2013, 02:38 PM
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Today I want to test so bad I only have two tests left (one Walmart dollar and one frer). Tomorrow I will be 10dpo and I just need to wait until then. I drank apple juice so I wouldn't be tempted anymore (going back to the post "she was pregnant and Gatorade was the father" I don't want a faulty test. Should I use the frer tomorrow I don't want to waste it.. Or should I use that one Monday?

Side note I went to a shoes party today at my neighbors we both moved in a few months ago and she has a son that was born the same day as my daughter at the same hospital so we always joked we had to get pregnant at the same time again well she told me today she was 15 weeks. I am way happy for her But i couldnt help but think well i would be 10 weeks I didn't tell her about my miscarriage but I told her hopefully we won't be to far behind you.

9dpo symtoms
-heartburn last three days which I got bad with my pregnancy but not until my 3rd trimester
-defiantly nauseous
-cramping (on and off since 1dpo always kind of there)
-I completely dried up cm after ovulation but its started again
-my lower back has hurt also since 1dpo but today feels fine
-on edge a bit annoyed with my hubby for no real reason

I have never track symptoms so they could all just be PMS I guess

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