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March 9th, 2013, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by mom2many2010 View Post
I'm not sure what a NT scan is, what I can tell you is that Aiden was at risk for downs also. We could have had an amnio to find out for sure but chose not to.

The truth is most Downs babies grow up to be happy, always happy, healthy and productive citizens of society. They may not fit into the ideal of 'normal', but they are also not a sentence of doom for parents.

Learn all that you can, just in case, we did, and then hope for the best. You'd be surprised how many woman are told that their babies are at risk and it the baby is born perfectly normal.
NT is a Nuchal scan they do to check for the thickness of the neck, nasal bone and heart. Mainly the thickness of the neck
Your boy was at risk, what happened after?

Originally Posted by MIL2lissy8 View Post
agreed ^^^^. first of all, its just a risk. at least knowing that, they will monitor you closely i would suspect. it will give you time to prepare for whatever may or may not happen at birth. many downs kids have heart issues, in my limited experience. better to be prepared in advance.

that all said, i can say that i taught two girls with downs in middle school. one in particular was not babied at home AT ALL and was exposed to lots of learning experiences from the very beginning as well as kept in regular classes with RSP support. she did great, was able to pretty much all that the other kids did, and participate in most extra-curricular activities that interested her. she was such a loving young lady - i adored her. it certainly is not a death sentence or a shameful thing anymore at all.

so though you have a chance at this, the odds are that you are going to have a healthy baby. i do know a lady that was told about 20 years ago via testing that her baby had downs and what did she want to do about it. she went on with her pregnancy and guess what? her daughter was not born with downs syndrome or any other complication. she is a beautiful self-sufficient young lady now as an adult.

i vote that you just keep your hopes in order and proceed with the opportunity to learn more and be prepared. then see what happens. either way, whomever you give birth to will be a blessing in your life. (((annick)))))
I had many days to think about this, cry and what not. I feel to cry still BUT only cus of how my family feels. I don't get it, why turn your back on a human being. I don't know. On Tuesday I wil go see what the medical genetics dr says and go from there. I cant do much more than that at this point. I don't want to over react, which too late I did and I done so much research. Ugh. I wil update you all next week tho.
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