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March 9th, 2013, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by mommy2lilmen View Post
NT is a Nuchal scan they do to check for the thickness of the neck, nasal bone and heart. Mainly the thickness of the neck
Your boy was at risk, what happened after?
Yep, and he is perfectly fine.

Was the scan a high resolution one? It doesn't look like it from the pic's but I could be wrong.

They do a test here (I can not remember what it is called) and he showed a high risk, so we did an ultrasound, and it was inconclusive. They were seeing the pockets, and such but it was 'iffy'. After that we did the high resolution where things looked 'okay', but they really couldn't say for sure. The only other option was an amnio and it wasn't worth the risk because it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

I've also had two friends that were told there babies would be downs babies (no amnio's) and both of those babies are now healthy normal adult/teens.
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