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March 10th, 2013, 05:26 AM
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So, all evening I was having contractions & sharp pains in the cervix area. (Idk how else to describe the pains). I couldn't get comfortable and finally decided I was ready to go to bed. BF and I go to bed & I was still having painful contractions but managed to fall asleep for about an hour. It was then that I woke up with horribly painful contractions. BF was sawing logs so I sat up in bed & started timing the contractions. They were about 10-20 minutes apart & about a minute and a half long & SUPER painful. So I woke BF up and said I was going to call the dr. Well, I realized it was 3am & so I said I didn't know if I should have the dr paged or just go to the hospital. BF starts grumbling!!! He asked how far apart they were so I told him & I said "But they're hurting really bad!" And he rolls over away from me and says "They're contractions, they're supposed to hurt"
Ooohhhhhh......I could have ripped his face off. I said "Just go back to sleep!". I have been up since 1am, the contractions got to be about 5 minutes apart for over an hour. Finally they subsided & I was able to rest a little. Thankfully I didn't have to go into th hospital yet. But I am so hormonal and angry and tired.....I just needed to vent. BF is truly amazing & has been taking such good care is me. But when he said that the contractions were SUPPOSED to hurt & then went back to sleep. I just almost became one of those women you see on the news.......

Ok, trying to calm down before he wakes up for the day.
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