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March 10th, 2013, 10:11 AM
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Oh yes I text quite often so I wouldnt mind that at all Yep 25 weeks now yay....I am to the point where I am feeling miserable and he kicks so hard I swear hes gonna break my ribs once he gets head down but he likes to wedge himself into my pelvis and that hurts!! I actually am hoping he comes around 38/39 weeks. My personal goal is to try and make it past 30 weeks and then I will be happy. DD was a week late and a horrendous 24 hour labor. But she was an easy pregnancy so I only was bothered by her coming late as it was torture to wait to hold her. I want lil man out early cuz he is brutalizing my insides! Im exhausted and feel miserable. I have an appointment Monday with a new OB. I hope shes better than the last dr. But Im not very hopeful...despite my aunt working at the mankato hospital the drs here suck!!! Id rather be up at the UofM hospital. And if this dr doesnt impress me well Im gonna make DH drive me all the way up there while Im in labor lol.

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