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March 10th, 2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Deer Woman ~ Layce View Post
I don't even know where to begin...I guess I shouldn't rule anything...

BUT...that being said...

I think Big Brother should go away...states govern themselves...close the borders and sort out the immigrant mess, schools should be run by the people who teach, shut down at least half of the U.S. military bases we have around the world, and bring our soldiers home to protect us and not some other countries who should/can protect themselves...invest in science and math and our education system in general so that we can protect the U.S. with technology, compete with space exploration, and prevent global hacking and warfare of technological infrastructures, encourage self sufficiency for all people with regards to food production/bartering/eco-friendly energy...get rid of the FDA and pharma lobbyists, make sure that the rights of individuals pertains to ALL people, fair and affordable healthcare for everyone, livable retirement/healthcare/hospice for all people who have paid into the system, and positively, absolutely, NO outrageous provisions for our elected officials...they will have, deserve the same benefits and rights that they pass into law for all of us.

These are just a few...there is oh, so much more.....
Word. For rizzle.

I agree with everything you said but definitely the bolded. We are SUCH busy-bodies, always getting up in other people's business! I get so irritated about this. Stop trying to RULE THE WORLD America, sheesh..

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