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March 10th, 2013, 11:17 AM
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As a mom to 2 kids already, I thought I knew what I needed. Well now that I'm sitting down and gettingy registry together ( haha, don't laugh first time doing this & let me tell you I'm not having fun because I'm sooo confused)I have NO clue! My dd is 3 and I'm starting over but this time I'm picking and choosing, where as last time it was all done for me. I feel like a FTM and it's so strange to feel like that again. My MIL is getting one heck of a laugh out of me right now lol... ( I'm on the baby r us website and getting my registry together & all I'm wanting to find is the playtex drop in bottles & can't find them lol and I'm like they have to have them there's no way they don't, it doesn't change that much in 3 years, I'm in tears and my MIL is literally ROFL. My DH is laughing so hard he's crying bc I'm just baffled and in tears bc of these bottles. I said "they have bottles that look like bulbs, Christmas ornaments, space rockets,boobs and heck stainless steel bottles , but they don't have a drop in playtex bottle" so happy I'm everyone's entertainment !)

So here's my ? :

What do you put on a registry?
What is a must?
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