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March 10th, 2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Jenilope View Post
(((hugs))) that must be so scary to hear. I've been told that there is such a high incidence of false positive with the NT scan that I never consented to doing one because the worry would have really gotten under my skin. I've also heard that they factor age into the algorithm they use to determine the risk factor they give you, so some of that risk is just from being 35, not even from the scan.

I know you said there isn't as much testing available in BC as in the US, but if you have access to a private lab, the Harmony21 test takes about 2 weeks to get results back and costs $225 and separates fetal DNA from maternal blood (it's just a blood test, no risk to baby) and assesses your risk level more accurately (though, not as accurately as an amnio, but still, no risk to baby) by looking at how often chromosomes 13, 18 and 21 show up in the sample.

I'm glad that you are going to get more detailed imaging done and that you are ready to love and raise your baby regardless of the testing. I'm sad that your family is being so unsupportive and that they would be so eager to end a life just because there is a chance of not being 100% normal--like M2M said, Downs babies grow up, happily and it is reasonable to hope for an amount of autonomy.

Hugs and prayers to you and your family. And I'm glad that your baby is improving and out of the hospital. That must have been such a trying week for you and your family.
Hmmm I am not sure if we have private labs here, I would assume we do?? WHere would they be lol I wonder if maybe DH and I take a weekend day when the older 4 boys are gone to their dads and go and get this test done in the USA . Its not that I don't want to spend the money or don't have it for this baby, its the thing is, if this baby does in fact have it, will having the blood test change things, no.. I guess I need to prepare myself and doing all the tests is the big thing.

My family, they are the type that sees a specially challenged child as being a nussance to the society and a waste of cash to support it and give it therapy. Much like when I told them my son had autism, they thought that was the death senetence. I got grilled so much, my son got analyzed each time they came over. I would get told, see your getting this diagnosis for nothing, just lazy mom you are, you you you, and then one sister cried as if we had to bury our son. I was like really? She has yet to come back over since. doesn't want to see her nephew like that..ummm ?? he just doesn't talk lol Its not like hes terminally and even then she should be supportive right? I remember when my dad was alive he would be disgusted by any special needs person, it freaks me out that maybe this baby may be and what my family will do and say . My mil wants me to abort the baby befor even finding out if its normal, cus the stress out weigh the benefits at birth. I told my DH that and he says idk what to say about her. Ummmm ugh. Ya, so I don't know. I need to find out with another test, if the two show same then I wil believe it.
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