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March 10th, 2013, 01:39 PM
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By time I got the epi with my kids, I was in transition, so I never had to go the bathroom while on the epi. It wore off by the time I was done pushing. I had other problems with the epi though I'm sure you will do great! keep a support team nearby to take care of "hospital politics" so you can focus on the labor and birth The IV will be harder. If you don't want one, try to get your refusal form in advance.

Do you know if your midwife will be with you during the labor, or only for the birth. You should ask so you know, if you don't know already. I remember being surprised that my midwife was there for all of 10 minutes to "catch" the baby. I thought she'd be there longer, but it was my first, so I didn't know. With my birth center birth they were there the whole time, but pretty hands off, which was nice.

I want the next book done by the time the baby gets here, but man, the pressure it on. I promised my readers it would be out in 2013, though. I want to take a break when the baby comes for maybe 3 months. We'll see how it goes.

Daughter's competition was great! Loading a video now and I will post it in Neverland once it's up (EDIT -- it's there now!)

We do a lot of outdoor time, too. At least 1 hour in the morning and then they are basically outside all day when they aren't doing school work. You know what's weird about kids, though? They can be SO well behaved at home or even in multiple settings, but OFF THE WALLS in other settings. So then the parents don't know what to do because usually they don't face those problems. It will take them longer to find a solution because they aren't in that situation as often. Alternately, you have kids like ours, who are off the walls at home (only when we have company) but when we go out, THAT'S when they are perfect angels and we get complimented on how well-behaved they are (meanwhile, we're thinking, "if only you really knew..." LOL)

Yeah, my husband does TRY to be supportive, he just doesn't know what to do, Maybe this time he will since I'll spell it out for him haha. If your mom wants to be there and you want her there, tell her you need to hold her hand while you push. Hold it tight and she'll never get to peak talk to your midwife in advance. You should be able to push in other positions as long as you don't get the epi.

Yay for the reduced hours! I would get annoyed with people arguing with me about things they don't know, too. It's one thing to ask questions, another to argue when you don't know! It must feel good to have an end in sight with that job. Just 6 more weeks!

you never write too much this weekend has been good. No new purchases can be made until next month or until I get my **** advance. I'm so tired of waiting. I already have that money spent in my head LOL I haven't decided on the coming home outfit for sure yet! I love Carter's clothing Old Navy is really nice for cheap boys clothes, too, if you haven't looked there yet? By time they are toddlers I shop there a LOT and they have GREAT clearance sales!

What did you have in mind for the coming home outfit?
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