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March 10th, 2013, 01:42 PM
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Sorry I have been completely absent. The first month of new motherhood has been a real kick in the pants. Little Miss A is healthy and well, so nothing out of the ordinary, I'm just not finding myself a natural for this stage of life. The one thing in our favor was her great feeding -- even if it's driving me a little batty to be attached to her nearly 24-7. But then the last week happened...

Reposted from the breastfeeding forum, in search of any advice or links you can suggest. Thanks, ladies. And I'll try catch up and be more responsive when I feel like half a human again, hopefully sometime soon.

DD is 4 weeks. She has always been a sucker -- a pacifier has been a life-saver because this kid likes to suck, all the time. She would feed as much as she could get from me. She has done her job of steady weight gain, born 8 lbs and now up to 8 lbs 13 oz.

But this past week (week 4 of her lovely if exhausting existence) we've run into all kinds of problems. She has always been fussy, so that's not new. But to this was added a bit of blood and diarrhea in her stool. So the doctors checked her out and Mom is off dairy for three weeks. A day latet and her stool is green, sometimes "foamy" or at least definitely more liquid. So this has me thinking it could be a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance in addition to/instead of the dairy intolerance. Add to this the fact that I clearly have one under-performing and potentially one over-performing breast (significant size difference between the two). Oh, and my nipples are killing me after doing just fine for the previous coupe of weeks.

I tried to pump this morning for the first time. In addition to falling into tears because the ****** tube adapters don't fit the machine, the manual attempt was an epic failure involving pain and milk getting stuck in the horn and then running all over my chest and the couch. (I'm guessing a softer and smaller horn will be needed to have any hope of working.)

Wow, ok, so thanks for staying with me through that diatribe. If anyone has any experience or links with suggestions from dealing with dairy intolerance, under/over performing breast problems, foremilk/hindmilk inbalance...and trying not to cry when the ****** pump instructions inform me that I'll be a better nurser if I'm not upset ... I'd be most appreciative.

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