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March 10th, 2013, 02:26 PM
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Ok- dairy- I am off it too. Very common. Sometimes you have to avoid it for a long time before you see a differance.

Blood in the stool- definate allergy not just intolerance and dairy is the best place to start.

Green poop- My baby has that too. He is just like yours. He sucks so much my milk supply is insane so I never have a chance to get sort of empty and I think that for me we have a hind milk imbalance (even though when I did my lacation certifaction training they taught us there was no such thing as hind milk and that is an old wives tale but I think there is some truth to it).

Under proforming- you are doing what you can. It is all about supply and demand. The more you nurse/pump the more you will have. You can try all those nursing teas too if you want.
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