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March 10th, 2013, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by NinjaCakes View Post
This is one of the lists I referred to, though I took a lot of stuff off: Checklist: Baby registry must-haves | BabyCenter I also noted that they don't include petroleum jelly for post-circumcision care.

Wal-mart price matches; that's why I went with them. And as much as I loathe walmart, it's the only store where most of my family lives so it's easiest for them. However there are quite a few things I specifically did not put on the registry because I would never pay such ridiculous prices when I can go to dollar general There's also a website called which allows you to add things from multiple stores websites. But I don't blame you; registries are not a must have.
My family has already bought tons of stuff at Giant Tiger (it's a chain here in Canada). It's probably cheaper than even Wal-Mart. It's great for stuff like onesies, bibs, towels, sheets, receiving blankets, etc...

Besides, I'm really not picky at all. The only thing I insisted on was buying my own stroller. My family is well-intentioned, but they don't necessarily understand that my husband and I are urban people without a car, and we need a good stroller to get around the city. They think we're crazy for wanting an $800 Peg Perego travel system (I even had someone insisting that it's no different than a Graco stroller - I beg to differ! For starters, there is a 10lb difference between the two!). My husband and I have looked at many strollers and it's basically the only one that suits all of our needs. In the end, if we're getting the rest of our baby stuff dirt cheap and accepting hand-me-downs (i.e. crib & mattress), is it really that bad that we splurge on the one thing that really matters to us?
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