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March 10th, 2013, 03:50 PM
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I hear about this everywhere now. And am interested. I have seen some cool articles on the benefits of it and was thinking I wanted to try it this time around. I am hoping it shortens my labor times...both boys were slow-progressing labors (which might just be my style, I don't know).

Where would I get it?

Is it in a bag or do I need to brew it myself (with one of those tea balls)?

When would be the best time to start it? I have read not to do it before 36 weeks. But then I know women who start at 30 weeks and still have late babies. Additionally, if baby is not here by 39 weeks, I will be induced...and therefore don't want to hold off as long as I might if I didn't have a "timeline." (I am being induced for a valid medical reason, something I don't plan to fight, but would like to avoid if possible).

Thanks for any insight!
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