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March 10th, 2013, 09:59 PM
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Don't worry about the K'er. If you allow screen time, a K'er can learn pretty much everything they need to know on and Focus on the basics for the oldest, and encourage independence when possible. Yes, some things need to be taught, but a lot of what a 4th grader does can be done alone (handwriting, spelling practice, math practice, independent reading, etc.). Get some rest while the 2 year old is napping, and come up with a box of activities and/or toys that are "special" and can ONLY be used for a couple of hours each day during times that you need to be involved with the oldest (or your pillow... LOL).

The oldest can certainly entertain the 2 year old for an hour while you cat-nap on the couch, too. Maybe turn it into a paid job (money, time for video games, or whatever).
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